Expired1200W LED Grow Light

£54.99 £109.99
1200W LED Grow Light
1200W LED Grow Light
£54.99 £109.99

1200W LED Grow Light 

Full range

It contains substances that are needed to imitate natural sunlight. These substances are directed into plants. Even in the absence of sunlight, the plants can still grow quickly without being affected by the outside world.

Freely adjustable wavelength

The growth lamp uses a knob to control the wavelength. The scale ranges from 0 to 100 degrees. It can control red light, blue light and brightness separately. At any stage, the most suitable wavelength can be adjusted to promote the rapid growth of  the plants.

Latest technology

The LED light uses the latest COB integration technology. This technology effectively improves color uniformity, brightness and the service life. Each lamp bead uses a dual-core lamp chip, which will be brighter than the previous single-core lamp chip, and can maintain very stable power.

Powerful Fan

Furthermore, the light has built-in improved high-quality cooling system. It has an aluminum radiator, aircraft-grade and a high thermal conductivity iron shell.

It can quickly transfer heat from the lamp to the outside thus ensuring that the lamp itself is cool and can maximize its effect.


The light is designed to provide customers with the best and reliable service. It is guaranteed to serve you effectively for a long. 

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