ExpiredTAPCET Automatic soap dispenser

£7.49 £14.99
TAPCET Automatic soap dispenser
TAPCET Automatic soap dispenser
£7.49 £14.99

TAPCET Automatic Soap Dispenser Silver 201 Stainless Steel 280 ML 

Adjustable Dispensing Fluid

The  TAPCET Automatic soap dispenser has 4 different levels(Level 1: lasts 0.5s; Level 2: lasts 1.1s; Level 3: lasts 1.6s; Level 4:lasts 3s. Turn on means level 1 and to adjust the soap liquid volume, press +or – button once for a level. Furthermore, you can change how much of the soap comes out. In addition,  there is no dripping or trailing, doesn’t waste soap. With a 9.56oz capacity re-fill tank, there will be no need to refill regularly.

Works With Most Liquid Soaps

This dispenser works with your favorite liquid soap like a hand sanitizer. Furthermore, this Soap dispenser can be placed on any counter-top with no installation required.

In addition, it has a sleek and elegant design which is also an ideal decoration in your bathroom.

Handsfree & Sensor Touchless

Moreover, the sensor detects your hand within one pass. Put your hand under the sensor to let the dispenser start working.  Furthermore, this premium sensor can improve the ability to resist aging and working hours.

Easy to use

This no-touch dispenser is very easy-to-use.  In fact, operation will only be activated when needed unlike others that are too sensitive can therefore have spillage. Furthermore, you don’t need to wave your hand multiple times. 

Brand& Service Guarantee 

All soap dispensers have to pass the water test to ensure that the product quality and liquid coming out! It’s normal that there will be some water remaining in the soap dispenser when you receive it.

In addition, if the device does not work when you first use, please follow these steps:

1.Increase the level;

2.Repeat to place your hand under the sensor for several times.

In case of any problem, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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