Best safety goggles

£2.99 £9.99
Best safety goggles
Best safety goggles
£2.99 £9.99

Safety,  Protective Work Goggles.

When looking for the best safety eye wear you should consider ones that are durable and cleanable.  Moreover, the safety eye wear should not interfere with or restrict the function of any other personal protective equipment the employee wears.

The goggles are made of soft PVC frame with poly carbonate lens. Poly carbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than the standard plastic varieties. Furthermore, its also much more durable.

Furthermore, poly carbonate is ideal for strong prescriptions because it corrects vision without adding thickness which can distort the wearer’s appearance. 

Moreover, this safety and protective work goggles are  suitable for both liquid and  dust protection

Moreover, the goggles have indirect vents to protect your eyes from splashes and particles.  Furthermore, it is made of malleable rubber to absorb impacts it also prevents the glasses from fogging over.

In addition, the protective goggles have obtained certification; It is approved to EN166

The goggles are applicable for DIY Lab, Welding, Grinding, cycling for outdoor activities etc

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