BIC HB Graphite Pencils

£2.00 £5.99
BIC HB Graphite Pencils
BIC HB Graphite Pencils
£2.00 £5.99

HB Graphite Pencils

The HB lead is shock-resistant and a cinch to sharpen like the entire line of BIC Evolution pencils

It has a built-in eraser which means you can quickly make improvements and edits to drawings, sketches and  documents.

Furthermore, the HB graphite pencil is made without wood as a result therefore, this graphite pencil won’t splinter if broken. Moreover, this pencil is made at BIC’s plants in Europe and is based on unmatched expertise

This is the hip new striped version of the BIC evolution graphite pencil.It comes in 8 trendsetting shades to get your creative juices flowing and brighten up those gloomy pencil cases. This blister of 8 contains 1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 light blue, 1 green, 1 orange and 1 light green sketching pencils.

It is he perfect pencil for both writing and drawing, it contains no wood and kids of any age will love it for home and school work. The BIC Evolution Stripes pencil is a top-quality instrument with a built-in eraser and shock-resistant HB lead that erases instantly.

This graphite pencil is made at the BIC plants in Europe. So it boasts all the brand’s workmanship guaranteed to please discerning BIC fans who expect uncompromising quality. For over 65 years, BIC has been making top-quality writing instruments that fit any budget and are sold all over the world. This mission has helped the French company nurture lasting trust among its customers and has made it one of the world leaders in stationery supplies

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