BT Beauty Foot Peeling Mask

£4.49 £8.89
BT Beauty Foot Peeling Mask
BT Beauty Foot Peeling Mask
£4.49 £8.89

BT Beauty Foot Peeling Mask


 This BT beauty foot peeling mask comes with: 2 Pairs Foot Mask, Scented Exfoliating Lavender (removes Calluses Dead & Dry Skin  and Repairs  Rough Heels) a baby Soft Foot Care Kit and a Foot File Foot Rasp For Men and Women

Natural Botanical Extracts Foot Peel Mask

This foot peeling mask is rich in lavender essential oil, hyaluronic acid, fruit acid and a variety of plant extracts. Therefore, it can effectively cleanse and soften your skin. The oils and extracts  penetrate into the skin’s old layer and nourishes it deeply.

Moreover, they break down the rough dead skin layer. In addition, it makes the skin smooth and delicate

Solve all your foot problems

In addition, this foot care kit can gently remove the old dead skin cells calluses. Moreover, it improves your foot  odor, nourishes dry and rough skin. In fact it  repairs cracked heels as well.

 You can easily solve all your foot problems and make you easily have baby-like feet in 1-2 weeks. It is ideal for home and travel SPA treatment & pedicure

Unisex and size fixes all

This soft touch foot mask is suitable for men and women feet of any size.  The mask is purely natural. Moreover, it has  no stimulation and no allergies.  You can therefore enjoy a feet spa experience with your lover, parents, children and friends

Easy apply and not painful

First,clean and dry your feet. Then wear the foot mask just like normal socks for about 20-30 minutes and then massage the outside of the foot film cover.  Let the skin of the foot evenly contact the foot film essence. Finally, rinse off with water


Before using the foot film,  first soak your feet with warm water for 15 minutes to get the better effect. After using this products, please wait for the natural shedding,do not use the foot rasp to peel or directly peel off by hand.

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