ExpiredCar Interior Lighting

£8.49 £16.99
Car Interior Lighting
Car Interior Lighting
£8.49 £16.99

Car Interior Lighting


It comes with an intelligent remote control  that has four voice control modes. Each of these voices can bring you a different environmental atmosphere. The color and brightness of the car’s LED ambient light can be easily changed by remote control or music rhythm. 


 The wireless remote control has 8 static monochrome modes; 4 voice control modes; 3-7 color jumps; 3-7 color gradients; brightness control and ON/OFF buttons. Compared with the traditional remote control, this remote control has an effective control distance of up to 20M!!


LED car interior decoration lamp comes with a silicone flexible lampshade. The lamp belt can be bent freely and placed in any shape.  Furthermore, it comes with strong adhesive. You just need to peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the strip, then wipe the car foot space and paste it directly. The operation is  quite simple.


Furthermore, the car interior lights use USB connection therefore there is no need to modify the circuit. In addition, it is  equipped with a car charger with two USB ports. Therefore, while lighting the light bar, you can also charge your mobile phones, tablet computers and other small appliances

Finally, the  LED light bar voltage is compatible with DC 5V. It is quipped with two 1.2-meter and two 1.8-meter wires, enough length to fit a variety of vehicle installations.

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