Carex Cleansing Hand Gel

Carex Cleansing Hand Gel
Carex Cleansing Hand Gel

Carex Love Hearts Cleansing Hand Gel 50 ml, Pack of 12

70 Percent Alcohol

Carex cleansing hand gel protects your hands against germs and bacteria with Carex Love Hearts hand gel; contains 70 Percent alcohol as Alcohol Denat. Great for using at home or on the go so you and your family can feel safe and protected

Cleans, Cares and Protects

Kill germs with this alcohol gel hand cleanser which has a quick-drying formula that leaves hands feeling refreshed

Eco Friendly

Help protect the environment, as well as your hands. Hand sanitizer gel bottles are made from reusable plastic and are 100 Percent recyclable

Pocket Size Hand Sanitiser

Carex 50 ml travel hand sanitizer gel is ideal for use on the go. This alcohol hand gel from the fun editions range has an added sweet fragrance helping to leave your hands feeling clean and smelling good

The Carex Range

Discover the range of hand sanitizers to find something that suits your needs. With different fragrances and properties from the Aloe Vera Hand Gel to Moisture Anti Bacterial Hand Gel there’s something to suit everyone

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