ExpiredCheap LED Solar Lights

£4.99 £14.99
Cheap LED Solar  Lights
Cheap LED Solar Lights
£4.99 £14.99

LED Waterproof Motion Sensor Solar Outdoor Lights.

Separable panel and extension cords

This motion sensor light comes with a separable panel and extension cords. The detachable solar wall lights can be installed outdoor or indoor with the solar panel and the 8ft extension cords 

Intelligent detection

Furthermore, the lights have intelligent detection. The lights have an auto-on at night and an auto-off at sunrise. Furthermore, the lights sensor can sense motion as far as 10 feet / 3 meters away. Furthermore, it has a capacity for a 120°C sensing range.

Energy saving

Moreover,  the lights turn to dim mode when it goes for  15s without motion and keeps it that way until they detect the next motion. Furthermore, the auto-off turns the light off when the surrounding is bright during the day.


The lights don’t require any wiring.  The solar panels are charged by sunlight during the day and works in dark. I t has roughly 12 hours supply on a one-day charge.  Moreover, the kit and its installation is environmentally friendly. In fact, it is sustainable and is a low carbon solution for you to reduce your electricity bill.


The lights are tightly sealed. The inner loop allows it to be waterproof and even weatherproof.

Furthermore, the solar security light is a perfect choice to be used in a wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway etc.

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