Portable Bluetooth Speaker

£15.68 £28.52
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
£15.68 £28.52

Cheap Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.


These Bluetooth portable Bluetooth speakers are small in size (only 4.9*2.9inches). It is  designed as a portable speaker which you can carry anywhere without much hustle. Even when traveling, it will easily fit in your carry-on bag.

Long Battery Life

The speakers have a  1500 minutes playtime. wow!!!! These is long enough for it to serve you in your party, event or occasion. Moreover, they are uniquely designed as outdoor speakers.

True 360°Stereo Sound Stereo

Furthermore the speaker deliver immersive sound with heavy bass, mids and highs. It produces dynamic sound even when at maximum volume.  You will love MusiBaby’s true 360°Stereo Sound wireless speakers.

Dual Pairing wifi

It is easy to connect 2 speakers together, they will play together at the same time.  After the first connection, every time the two Bluetooth speakers are turned on, they will get connected automatically.  This is before they connect to any other bluetooth devices.

Please note that either of the two wife speakers can function alone. In fact either can be sold alone. One Bluetooth speaker will also function brilliantly.

IPX5 waterproof

The MusiBaby waterproof Bluetooth speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray. For that reason, it is    applicable in shower room,by the pool or at the beach and even in the rain.Do not put directly it in water.This waterproof speaker is also a shower speaker!

Strong Bluetooth 5.0 signal

It can connect normally under difficult conditions and the signal is not disturbed.The antenna design with Bluetooth 5.0 provides greater wireless range (100ft).  Furthermore, it has  efficient connection to Bluetooth cell phone or devices.

The 5.0 Bluetooth chip easily reads music play list and connects any devices. It can not only connect laptop, phone, MP3, iPhone,iPad, but also personal computer, TV or other non-Bluetooth device with 3.5mm audio jacks.

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