Cheap Washable Doormat

£6.59 £10.99
Cheap Washable Doormat
Cheap Washable Doormat
£6.59 £10.99

Cheap Washable Doormat

Absorption capacity

This  cheap washable doormat has super-absorbent fiber.It  is specially designed with strong viscosity, which can penetrate deep into the gap of the sole. therefore it can quickly absorb water and dust.

Don’t worry tat the stains on the soles will stain the floor. Whether it’s raining or you are coming back from the garden, just step on the doormat to keep your house clean.


This doormat has a PVC material which is an environmentally friendly material with good non-slip performance. Moreover, the non-slip backing prevents the mat from slipping or wrinkling during use and protects you by preventing unnecessary drops.

Easy to clean

In addtion, the doormat’s fabric supports machine wash or hand wash. Before machine washing, just shake the dust and hair by hand to make it fall. After washing, allow to air dry.

Multi functional

The mat has 100% cotton blanket surface, soft and comfortable. Fits all home styles and keeps the house clean.Ideal for entrances, doorways, kitchens, bathrooms, back doors, garages and even office areas.

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