Cool Mist Humidifiers 320ml

£7.79 £12.99
Cool Mist Humidifiers 320ml
Cool Mist Humidifiers 320ml
£7.79 £12.99

Cool Mist Humidifiers 320ml


 This mist humidifier is the size of your palm. This makes it very portable; you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, it is suitable for small space without occupying much space. The mini USB humidifier easily gets a place on any table and desk without taking up space.

Moreover, you can pack it in your handbags, backpacks and suitcases to take it anywhere.

USB connection

This humidifier comes with a USB port. It can therefore be charged by any USB cable to give you a better air. 

 Easy to Use

This mini humidifier works well with clean tap water or mineral water. In fact, the humidifier comes with only one a button that controls power, lighting and mist mode. This cool mist humidifier’s two modes satisfy your different needs.

User friendly

The portable mini humidifier features a 35° titled nozzle which spreads the mist to refresh the surrounding air and keep your skin moisturized.  Moreover, its leak proof design reduces the possibility of accidental spills.


 This desktop humidifier will power off automatically after running up to 8 hours when fully filled. You therefore need not to worry about the humidifier drying out. It  has 28dB whisper-quiet operation. This is quieter than a computer running. Moreover, it will not disturb your studying, working or sleeping. 

Muti- functional

This portable humidifier is compact and convenient to use in the office, yoga, car, bedroom and travel scenes. 


Soak the cotton swab for 3-5 minutes until it is fully soaked before using. Please do NOT add essential oils or distilled water into the humidifier as it may cause the product to malfunction.

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