ExpiredCuticle Cutter Trimmer & Pusher

£4.99 £9.99
Cuticle Cutter Trimmer & Pusher
Cuticle Cutter Trimmer & Pusher
£4.99 £9.99

Cuticle Cutter Trimmer & Cuticle Pusher 


Cuticle Cutter Trimmer & Cuticle Pusher with Non-slip Protective Coating Handle, Professional Stainless Steel Cuticle Cutter Clipper, Durable Cuticle Nipper & Remover for Fingernails &Toenails

Stainless Steel:

The cuticle remover have stainless steel tips. They can therefore, retain sharpness for a long time and can be  sterilized without rusting. Moreover, the nipper has super-thin eagle-mouth blades that make it easy and fast to trim dead cuticles.


 The ergonomic handle with protective coating and non-slip hole offers a safe and comfortable grip. Moreover, they make your cuticle remover much safer and easier for both your nails and toes.


Its Professional 1/2 Jaw design offers great grip for cutting cuticles off even in the small areas around nails with a clean snip every time. There is no need for pulling or tugging. It is perfect for manicure and pedicure uses at home, and salons.

Furthermore, the dual end nail polish scraper is made of tarnish-resistant material. The handle is textured with a no-slip grip a sharp end cut which scrapes away dead cuticle.  Moreover, the curved flat end helps push skin up flawlessly.

Easy to Clean

These cuticle remover tools are easy to clean. You simply wipe them with alcohol after use.  The PVC bag is convenient for you to carry out and store. It is a great cosmetic tool for manicure and pedicure uses.

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