Dimmable LED Moon Lamp

£8.99 £15.99
Dimmable LED Moon Lamp
Dimmable LED Moon Lamp
£8.99 £15.99

Dimmable LED Moon Lamp.


This Dimmable LED Moon lamp is in the form of a real full moon shape using an  innovative 3D printing technology. The lamp produces a moon appearance on the lamp’s shell.

Furthermore, it creates a warm and lovely atmosphere in your home. When you need the color to change, touch to the lamp to adjust brightness. 

Easy to Control

The dimmable LED moon light has 2 colors of light  (warm white and cool white). You can easily change the color of light by touch the bottom switch, touch switch (the charging port are shared). Long press the switch to adjust the brightness as well as enable the dim function. Press until the brightness gets to a point where it suits your preference.

Rechargeable Battery

 The LED moon light comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which has  4-20 hours of operation after being fully charged for three hours.This allows you to use your moonlight anytime, anywhere.


The dimmable  LED moon lamp has a dual color light effect. This together with its shape gives you the perception that you must be handling a real moon. To be honest it looks too goo to be true!!

Perfect Gift

This lamp is beautiful and perfect as a gift to give to your children, family, colleagues and friends. Furthermore, it is a perfect gift  for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversary parties.

In addition, the package includes a wooden support. It is a decorative night lamp for the home, a children’s bedroom, a living room, a dining room, an office, a university dormitory and creates a wonderful atmosphere beyond all expectations.


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