Hanging Trash Can

£5.99 £11.99
Hanging Trash Can
Hanging Trash Can
£5.99 £11.99

Hanging Trash Can

The hanging can has a hanging design

When you are cooking fresh food, slicing and dicing things, you be forced to open and close cabinet doors constantly with your wet hands. This small trash can will save you  from all these activities.

You will not need to bend over to drop something in. Hence saving you energy and ensure your surfaces remain clean.

The can is Multifuntional

This small trash can work great with reusable grocery bags. Furthermore it is suitable for office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, baby crib, toddler bed, RV, laundry, dorm room, etc.

In addition, it is perfect for baby changing table as well as  saving space. Moreover it is an environmental friendly.

The trash can helps saves space

This hanging trash can  can be easily hanged over cabinet door for kitchen cupboard / office lockers / bedroom drawers. Furthermore, it can be moved at will with the over-the-door hook.

the trash can is small size and high capacity

The trash can’s dimensions are; 10.24″-8.07″ x 3.86″ x 11.89″ (26/20.5cm*9.8cm*30.2cm). Furthermore, it has  10 liter capacity. The thickness of the door should be less than 1.18 inch(3cm). Kindly note that it is suitable for hanging inside the cabinet.

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