Charcoal & Bamboo Blotting Paper

Charcoal & Bamboo Blotting Paper
Charcoal & Bamboo Blotting Paper

Jibs Charcoal & Bamboo Oil Blotting Paper –50 Premium Quality Facial Oil Absorbing Sheets

Protects and freshens your face

Use this charcoal and bamboo oil blotting sheets to absorb excess oil! Why use heavy powders when you can control your shine and oily prone skin in a more natural way?

Use it anyplace anywhere

This facial blotting paper is makeup proof, so you can use it when you have worn makeup or even when you’re bare-faced. In fact, you can use this charcoal blotting paper at home, at the gym, in your car and office, and when engaging in sports or running your errands.

Easy to use

 This blotting paper is hassle-free. Furthermore, this face oil blotting tissues come in a practical dispenser that makes it possible for you to use one sheet at a time. Hence, you will avoid wasting the sheets and you’ll be able to carry the charcoal blotting sheets around with ease while keeping them safe, fresh, and clean.

100% Natural

Moreover,  the bamboo blotting paper is made of 100% natural and ultra-purifying bamboo charcoal that is highly absorbent and gentle on your skin. It is also suitable for someone with sensitive skin. In addition, you can use both sides to clean your face, for optimal results each time.

Ideal for acne-prone skin

Is your skin oily and acne-prone? These facial blotting sheets will help you control your skin’s oil production and get rid of the impurities that cause your pores to clog and create infected blemishes.

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