Color changing LED lights

£7.44 £14.88
Color changing LED lights
Color changing LED lights
£7.44 £14.88

LED Strips Lights 16.4Ft Colour Changing

IR Led Controller 44 Keys

This color changing LED lights have a perfect combination of sensor controller and strip lights. Moreover,  this led strips lights are 5m use mini design controller making the light strip more beautiful and easy to hide when using.

All you need to do is connect the power supply and use it directly. Further rgb strip 5050 working voltage is 12V and the IR remote led controller has over charging, short circuit protection and memory function.

5050 RGB Led Strip Lights with Remote

The LED lights for bedroom have 150 RGB 5050 SMD Leds in 16.4ft with dimmer and brightness controls.  In addition, the LED tv backlights is not waterproof and can be used indoor.

Furthermore, it can be cut between every 3 leds. Moreover, it comes with a 3M self-adhesive tape. The tape can be fit on any dry and flat surface.  It is also flexible to install anywhere you want.

Easy to install

The package is an all in one a kit. It  comes with a remote control receiver, a reel of 16.4ft/5m led strip lights. There is no need for any other expensive devices

Color Changing

The LED strip light set will change colors and speed automatically and periodically.  Moreover it has many multicolored options. In addition, the lights have a  DIY selection to create your great led mood lighting.

In addition, you can use the remote led controller to adjust the color, mode and brightness and therefore create a classic, elegant, romantic or other ideal atmosphere you prefer to provide the best results for people or different atmospheres.

The lights are specially suitable for Halloween, Christmas, birthday parties.

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