ExpiredMotion Sensor Light Bulb

£7.77 £15.99
Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Motion Sensor Light Bulb
£7.77 £15.99

Motion Sensor Light Bulb

  • Built-in PIR motion detector are small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves that radiate from moving objects, when the detector sensor were triggered by an object moving across its field of view-especially warmer objects such as people, animals and cars-it electronically turns on the lights and shuts the lights off 30S later unless it continues to sense movement
  • To make this motion bulb more energy saving and smart, we put a photocell detector(light sensor) inside the bulb, this photocell is very sensitive to light intensity to deactivate the motion sensing light during daylight hours and let the bulb turn into energy saving mode and stay off from dawn to dusk
  • This smart dusk to dawn & motion sensor light bulb has a wide field of detecting view up to 120 degrees and a distance range up to 10-13 ft. suitable for most of indoor outdoor applications
  • Where to put them? for best effectiveness,position this bulb to cover the walks leading to your front and back doors, stairs, porch and driveway, can also use to light up decks, patios and potentially hazardous locations. If improved security is a priority, position the motion bulb to cover all approaches to your house, around trees and bushes
  • Easy to install, compatible with standard B22 bayonet socket, replace existing bulb directly, plug and play,shut off the electricity before install, not work with enclosed fixture, the motion detector must exposed outside the cover to detect the infrared waves
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