Nail Dryer Gel Lamp

£11.98 £19.98
Nail Dryer Gel Lamp
Nail Dryer Gel Lamp
£11.98 £19.98

Nail Dryer With Auto Sensor Gel Nail Lamp.

High quality nail lamp

This nail dryer gel lamp is made of high quality ABS material. It is light in weight and durable. Moreover, the lower part is equipped with vents to ensure proper operation of the machine.

In addition, this nail dryer gel lamp has 2 optional preset 30s / 60s timers for easy access.


This UV lamp nail dryer comes with an automatic sensor, a UV LED drying nails. These two features can provide you with different needs in nail work. It is therefore very convenient.

Adjustable mode

In addition, the nail dryer has flexible drying options. It has  4 preset time controls i.e. 10s, 30s, 60s and 90s . Furthermore, the dryer has low focus modes for professional quality nail art experience. In addition, it has multiple working modes. In fact, you can adjust according to your needs.

Intelligent auto sensing

The gel lamp has no switch. Moreover, the nail light has an inductive design; if you put your hand into the machine, it starts automatically. 

Evenly distributed light

The light does not hurt your eyes. In fact, you do not have to wear black hands, harm your nails, eyes and skin. To be precise, it protects your hands from injury. Since the lights don’t hurt your eyes, you can buy and use them with confidence and without any fear or anxiety.

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