ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum

ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum
ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum

ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum for Face/Neck/Eyes 

Dermatologist tested

This organic vitamin CSerum is dermatologists have formulated this vitamin C serum with a patented C-Boost complex. Moreover, clinical tests show a 207% increase in skin hydration within 2 weeks of daily application.  94% of users have testified their skin looked radiant, soft, healthy, and smooth after 10 days.

6x more powerful

Unlike regular serums that either carries too little (less than 15%) vitamin C to have any effect, or too much (above 22%) causing irritation.  This serum is formulated with the scientifically optimal 20% vitamin C concentration. 

Up to 4x more stable

Moreover,  this serum is formulated with the most stable form of pure vitamin C (SAP). Furthermore, it is cold processed at 1-4°C.  Furthermore, it is packaged in a patent-pending UV-protective frosted glass bottle for maximum potency and stability.

Unique Features

This serum’s features are unrivalled. It has patented 24-Release technology for all-day hydration. Furthermore, it has a 100% vegan formulation. 

In addition, it has an optimal PH level for increased absorption. Moreover, it is dermatologist approved for sensitive skin and is proudly paraben and silicon free.

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