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PEONY & JASMINE, Pack of 3

PEONY & JASMINE, Pack of 3
PEONY & JASMINE, Pack of 3

Air Wick Air Freshener Essential Oils Refill PEONY & JASMINE, Pack of 3

  • Air Wick essential mist diffuser automatically transforms natural essential oils into a gentle,
  • Fragrant mist to surround you with the fresh, calming, and delicately sweet fragrance of peony and jasmine
  • Furthermore, it creates a fresh and calm environment at home with this alluring, natural essential oil-infused blend of peony in full bloom and delicate white jasmine,
  • For a feeling of harmony and peace at home, with every fragrant puff of Air Wick essential mist
  • Moreover, it has a sophisticated blend of fresh red fruits and transparent floral
  •  An alluring blend of cherry blossom, peony in full bloom, and delicate white jasmine petals
  • Base notes: Comforting notes of white candyfloss that add a hint of sweetness
  • In addition, please note Item does not have an expiry date, rather date mentioned on the product is the manufacturer date
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