PS4 Controller Wireless Playstation

£20.5 £40.99
PS4 Controller  Wireless Playstation
PS4 Controller Wireless Playstation
£20.5 £40.99

PS4 Controller for Wireless Play station


This play station Dual shock 4 Wireless Controller is designed in  a manner that makes it compatible with PS4/ Pro/ Slim, PC, PS TVs; 33ft wireless distance; Six-axis; Dual Shock. 


Moreover, the PS4 wireless controller comes with double vibration feedback. It helps you feel even more deeply engaged with the action as the controller shudders and shakes in your hands. Perfect Thanksgiving Day gifts for kids or your friends.

Furthermore, the PS4 Controller has extra sound effects which come straight from the controller. This helps you chat with your online friends via a headset. In fact, it functions just like stereo headset is installed in the the PS4 system.

Moreover, it has a share button.  You can use the share button for  a variety of ways such as to upload your game, play videos and pictures on social networks.In addition, you can stream live gameplay to Facebook, YouTube, or even edit recorded PS4 gameplay videos and share them on Facebook.

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