Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers

£5.39 £19.99
Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers
Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers
£5.39 £19.99

Professional Pet Grooming Dog Hair Clippers.

  •  PROFESSIONAL RECHARGEABLE DOG CLIPPER – it is the combination of a sharp titanium blade and ceramic moving blade, effective and long-term cutting. It is always sharp and wear-resistant and does not cause skin irritation.
  • ADJUSTABLE COMB – has 4 fixed guide combs (3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm), the blade can be adjusted when the length of hair needs to be controlled. It is very suitable for dogs or cats with short, long, and curly hair, making them safe, easy, and comfortable.
  •  LOW NOISE & VIBRATION – the copper shaft motors produce low noise (less than 50 dB) and low vibration. It only makes a low hum. When you cut your pet’s hair, it won’t scare your pet. Low noise can help your pet calm down, make the combing process easier, and low vibration will not scare away the pet. Free yourself and your pet from the noise.
  •  RECHARGEABLE BATTERY & CORDLESS – its cordless design allows you to move freely in any direction. The battery is fully charged for 50 minutes to ensure about 80 minutes of cordless operation. The electric pet scissors are rechargeable, so you don’t need to buy new batteries, and rechargeable batteries are included. Rechargeable dog hair clippers.
  • HIGH TECHNOLOGY: it adopts “arc tip arc treatment” technology, R-type obtuse angle, multi-angle contact with the skin during startup operation, can protect skin including pet baby from injury.
  • Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers

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