ExpiredIce cold Cooling Towel

£3.99 £7.98
Ice cold Cooling Towel
Ice cold Cooling Towel
£3.99 £7.98

Ice Cold Cooling Towel

Instant cooling towel

This ice cold cooling towel is hyper-evaporative. It has a breathable mesh material which makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you soak it. Just wring out and snap it. 

Astounding material

The golf towel is made from high quality polyester which dries softly and doesn’t drip water. Furthermore, it is lightweight enough and ideal for wiping sweat off your face without making you feel itchy or sore.

Moreover, it is made of a fabric that absorbs heat and sweat instantly. In addition, its cooling effect could last for two hours.Re-wet to reactivate it.

Eco- friendly

Furthermore, no chemicals are used in the making of the cooling towels. The towel works on the physical evaporation of moisture. Moreover, this cooling towel is reusable and durable. This concept makes the towel makes it eco- friendly.


 This sports towel can be tied it around your neck, placed on top your head, draped over your shoulder, wrapped around your wrist. To be precise, the golf towels can be  held and carried in any way you prefer.


Finally, the cooling towels are perfect for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor exercise, vacation to hot places, fever or headache therapy. In addition, it is convenient for heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection, cooling while absorbing sweat during hot summer days.

Just tie it on your neck and it plays like chilled scarf when you are moving around.

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