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Automatic soap Dispenser

Automatic soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser is a device that dispenses a controlled amount of soap solution (or a similar liquid such as a hand sanitizer). They are often used in conjunction with automatic faucets in public restrooms. They function to conserve the amount of soap used and stem infectious disease transmission.

When washing hands, the user’s hands are placed under the nozzle and before the sensor. The activated sensor will further activate a pump that dispenses a premeasured amount of soap from the nozzle.

Origin of automatic soap dispensers

The idea for the first automated dispenser was submitted by Guey-Chaun Shiau to be patented in 1989. The patent was under the name, “Automatic Cleaning-liquid Dispensing Device”. The patent was issued in 1991.

Shiau’s goal was to improve hygiene in public toilets. Today, automatic soap dispensers are found in more and more public toilets, but their popularity in the home is also on the rise.

The implementation of automatic washroom supplies has increased dramatically. Furthermore, an increasing number of public locations and private institutions have been incorporating touchless technology into their washrooms.


When washing hands, the user’s hands are placed under the nozzle and before the sensor. The activated sensor will further activate a pump that dispenses a premeasured amount of soap from the nozzle

An automatic soap dispenser is specifically a hands-free dispenser of soap (both liquid soap and foaming soap). However, it can generally be used for other liquids such as hand sanitizers, shampoos, or hand lotions.

In addition, automatic soap dispensers are often battery-powered. The touch-free design dispenses the liquid when a sensor detects motion under the nozzle.

The electronic components of an automatic soap dispenser allow for a timing device or signal (sound, lights, etc.) which can indicate to the user whether they have washed their hands for the correct amount of time or not.

Benefits of using Automatic Soap Dispensers

  1. Touchless

The automatic soap dispenser further creates an even more hygienic environment.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

The mere fact that individuals do not touch the dispenser helps eliminate bacterial transmission.

In addition, we are living in times when all sorts of communicable diseases are sporting. For instance, the very recent Covid 19(Corona Virus) that has claimed thousands of lives in the UK. These automatic dispensers have come in handy to help curb this very infectious disease.

2. Multi-purpose

The dispenser can be used to dispense a variety of things including but not limited to; other liquids, hand sanitizer, lotion, laundry detergent etc.

Moreover, the dispenser can be used in the toilet, bathroom, and other rooms in the home. Moreover, they are very common in public washrooms. In addition, automatic soap dispensers are very applicable in a hospital setting.

3. Saves soap

The dispensers only distribute a specific set amount of soap per motion activation. Furthermore, the predetermined amount to be dispensed can be set to a highly efficient quantity in which waste will be very minimal.

Types of Automatic Soap Dispensers

i)Radar-based sensor

    Radar-based sensors use microwaves. These soap dispensers have a source of micro-waves and a sensor that can detect the presence of microwaves. Therefore, the rays reflect back from irregular surfaces and hands are one such irregular surface. Furthermore, once hands are brought under the nozzle, the micro-waves are reflected back and detected by the sensor. This further activates the pump and dispenses the soap.


    Soap dispensers with photo sensors make use of a light source and a sensor. The light source emits a focused ray of light and the sensor is able to detect this ray of light. Therefore, when hands are brought under the nozzle, the path of the light ray is blocked, the light ray reflects back to the sensor and the pump is activated. Thus, in presence of hands, the soap dispenser will automatically dispense soap.

iii) passive infrared sensor

Touch free dispenser These automatic soap dispensers use passive infrared sensors to detect infrared rays emitted by hands. Once hands are brought under the nozzle, the infrared rays that the human body emits are detected by the sensor. The sensor thus activates the pump in presence of hands and dispenses soap

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