Wet wipes Deals & Bargains

Wet wipes Deals & Bargains

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About Wet wipes

A wet wipe is also known as a wet towel or a moist towelette, baby wipe. Moreover, it is small to a medium-sized moistened piece of plastic or cloth that is folded and individually wrapped for convenience. Besides, wet wipes are used for cleaning purposes like personal hygiene and household cleaning.

Wipes come in various types – from face cleansing wipes to kitchen surfaces or bathroom cleaning wipes. Though wipes offer a quick, convenient, and effective cleaning solution there is growing concern around the environmental impact they can have, especially if disposed of incorrectly.

The Origin of Wet wipes

When people began traveling a lot, cleaning wipes started becoming a necessity. This is because people could clean up quickly and easily without the need to stop at a hotel or motel.

At first, only major brands had the capacity to purchase the costly specialized equipment needed for manufacturing wet wipes. But as technology progressed, producing these moist towelettes became more affordable, allowing smaller brands to venture into this business.

As the popularity of wipes increased, their use shifted. What was once considered as primary hygienic tools for the body when on the road eventually became the number one means of cleaning babies instantly and conveniently. Furthermore, you can use wet wipes for any cleaning task.

Uses of Wet Wipes

  1. Wiping bums -The most obvious way to use wipes your bum! Wipes are often useful for elderly or disabled people, and those who find it hard to bend or clean up properly using standard toilet paper.
  2. Wipes are also incredibly handy for toilet training children and for those who want to get clean on their period. Think of all that wiping can be done without leaving a plastic footprint!
  3. Freshening up- Whether you are from the gym or you are having a relatively busy day, give your body a quick once-over with a moist cleansing tissue to rid your skin of any sweaty smells and feel refreshed and cool!
  4. Cleaning up after babies and toddlers- wipes will conveniently wipe babies bum and clean his face after a meal. In addition, you could easily clean a baby’s toy when it falls on the floor.
  5. Cleaning up after sex-Sex can be messy. Therefore, just reach for moist tissues and get the job done.
  6. Cleaning pets- They are perfect for giving pets a wipe before you let them back into the house after a winter walk etc
  7. Cleaning hands- Rid your hands of dirt by wiping them clean with moist tissues.
  8. Wiping surfaces- conveniently wipe off dirt from surfaces using wet wipes

Types of  Wet Wipes

  1. Scented vs. Unscented

Just as the name suggests there are wipes that have scent and others that don’t. If you are buying the wipes for baby consider how sensitive your baby’s skin is.

2. Travel wipes

They come in containers. They are in the form of pop up wipes and can be refilled. Others come in the form of a plastic bag, usually with a sticker-type top

3. Extra thick wipes

They feel thicker and are preferable to many parents. There’s definitely no concern about any yuck leaking through with them.

4. Specialty wipes

They are made especially for babies whose bums are prone to diaper rush. However, these wipes tend to cost more than other baby wipes. However, if you have a rashy baby or an organic lifestyle it is totally worth it.

5. Flushable wipes

Flushable wipes are usually geared toward potty-training toddlers but may be useful for families who use hybrid diaper systems with flushable inserts. However, be careful about flushing very many wipes at one time.

What to look for when buying baby wipes

  1. Consider the primary ingredient-Harsh additives can cause irritation on a baby’s sensitive skin. Hence the primary ingredient must be mild.
  2. Strength and durability- No one wants wet wipes that will break in the middle of a diaper change.
  3. Texture- Go for wipes that are both soft and thick. Alcohol-free wipes have the benefit of being softer.
  4. Moisture level- Having the right moist level in wipes is very vital. It shouldn’t be too wet and neither should it be too dry.

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