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Cheap Dog Food Deals And Bargains

A dog is indeed man’s best friend.  Therefore your furry friend the nutrition he deserves by giving him only the best quality dog-food. Our team of deal hunters have been working extra hard to come up with a list of the best deals on dogfood. You can save as much as 60% on selected Dog food deals from Amazon.  We bring you just about the right cheap dog food deals which will work for your budget.

Find out where you can get the cheapest price on your favorite dog brands here. You can find popular brands such as Lily’s Kitchen, Wagg, Winalot, Harringtons and so much more. Choose from a variety of flavors and get the health benefits your dog needs to remain active and healthy.

Why is dog food important

Food is a very important element in your dog’s life. Through a balanced diet, your dog is able to get all his/her body needs. The energy needed to keep chasing balls around,  to the formation of tissues and general well being of the body comes through a proper diet. From the time he is weaned right through to old age,  diet is the most vital factor that will determine the quality and length of your dog’s life.

How to choose the right dog food

Just like the case with humans, there is no clear guide on how to choose dog food. Most of it is actually trial and error. The secret is to find patiently find what works. Here are a few tips that could help in this process

  1. Read pet food labels and see the ingredients that are used to make them
  2. Pick the type of food you would want to feed the dog i.e. dry, wet, etc
  3. ensure you feed the right amount- all pet foods have-  All dog foods have feeding guidelines on the packaging. You should always start by following the guidelines for your dog’s weight.
  4. Make a feeding schedule; dogs love consistency therefore once you have chosen the amount, pick a time when you will be feeding your dog.

Types of dog food

  1. Dry food

The majority of British dogs are fed on dry foods. This is because dry foods are available everywhere, they don’t need any preparation at all and they don’t have any special storage requirements.

2. Wet food

Wet foods, naturally, contain much more water than dry dog foods. The high moisture content might also be beneficial for dogs that don’t drink very much or those with a history of urinary problems.

They often come in tins, trays, pouches, and chubb rolls. Ingredients are blended and cooked before being vacuum-sealed into their containers. Moreover, they are then heat sterilized. Vacuum sealing and sterilization ensure a long shelf life without the need for any added artificial additives.

3. Raw food

Raw feeding is deemed to be the most natural way to feed a dog in the UK.   Many raw feeders prepare their own diets for their dogs but a growing number of companies are developing pre-prepared complete raw foods. They come in the form of frozen blocks or nuggets.

On the downside, it is not convenient to transport frozen foods for extended periods (eg when on holiday).

4. Fresh food

They provide a convenient version of home cooking. Moreover, they include a balanced selection of high-end fresh ingredients, cooked and packed in trays or pouches.

They are believed to retain a high proportion of their natural nutrients, compared to dry and wet foods. However, since no preservatives are added and since the food hasn’t been sterilized like standard wet foods, fresh foods don’t stay fresh for as long. They, therefore, need to be refrigerated (for up to 14 days)even when sealed.

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