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Brief History

Sofidel is an Italian paper producer of tissue paper for sanitary and domestic use. The Sofidel Group was founded in 1966. It is one of the world leaders in the tissue paper market.

The privately held company is owned by the Stefani and Lazzareschi families. In addition, it has subsidiaries in 13 countries, and more than 6,400 employees.

Moreover, in 2008 Sofidel joined the Worldwide fund for nature as a member and the first Italian manufacturer and the first company in the world from the tissue sector. Over the years, the partnership has led to several joint marketing projects.

Regina Blitz

Regina Blitz is a product made by the Sofidel Group, an industry leader in the world of paper towels, and partner of the WWF Climate Savers program to reduce CO2 emissions across the globe.

This tissue rolls combine strength and absorbency with a luxuriously soft feel. Furthermore, the products are uniquely quilted on both sides of the sheet. Moreover,  Regina gives you extra comfort and softness.

Blitz cleans your windows and other glass surfaces with smear-free shine! Blitz the bathroom with almost 70% bigger sheets! Blitz any spills with super absorbency! Blitz the dust with triple strength.

FSC Certification

All Regina brand products have Forest stewardship council certification (FSC).  FSC identifies products with wood from forests managed correctly. This recognition is therefore a guarantee that the raw materials come from responsibly managed forests, i.e. renewable, without the exploitation of a natural resource as important as trees.


a. Kitchen rolls 

Kitchen rolls are the best towels to use in the kitchen. Regina Blitz kitchen rolls are triple-layered, super-strong, with super-sized sheets.  This makes them perfect for dealing with even the largest spills. To be honest this is your ideal companion and solution for your everyday household cleaning

Furthermore, these kitchen rolls were voted Product of the Year by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2019. Furthermore, Regina Blitz is a pure paper product that helps you keep your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean

Regina XXL Kitchen Towels, 2 Rolls i) Regina XXL– This roll has three extra thick layers. Moreover, it is Strong and absorbent as well.

In addition, it is extra Large, Strong, and extremely absorbent. Furthermore, it has 23% larger sheets than your ordinary kitchen roll. The extra-large sheets make it convenient for extra large jobs within the households.

   ii) Regina wish– this is the undecorated kitchen paper with hand-made sheets. It has unique dimensions that allow you to use the right amount of paper as needed to reduce waste.

Moreover, it is a 100% Italian product, created with pure cellulose. Further, it is designed to help keep your kitchen clean. The paper is environmentally friendly because it is produced exclusively from raw materials from responsibly managed forests and guaranteed by FSC forest certification

   iii) Blitz Heart-  The Regina Heart sheets are decorated with the queen of Hearts shape. This heart-shaped texture and the wide variety of decorations are inspired by the theme of love hence giving the sheet some romantic vibe.

Furthermore, it has extra thick sheets that give it super absorbency.

 iv) Regina Thirst Pockets – This is a kitchen towel with a unique pocket technology. This aspect makes it more absorbent even for the largest spills. Moreover, it is perfect for mopping up spills, wrapping up your food and it may also be used as a napkin.

b. Household Towels

A household towel is an absorbent, disposable towel made from paper. It usually comes in a roll of perforated sheets. Unlike cloth towels, paper towels are disposable and designed to be used only once. In fact, paper towels soak up water because they are loosely woven and this helps water to travel in between the fibers fast.

 i) Blitz household towel– these towels are triple-layered, super-strong, and have super-sized sheets.  This makes it perfect for dealing with even the largest spills. In addition, it is the most ideal companion for your everyday household cleaning.

ii) Regina pets– This is a paper towel designed to offer a hygienic alternative to a cloth towel for your pet. Furthermore, it has supersized and super absorbent sheets. In addition, it has a unique fragrance that helps eliminate malodours. Moreover, it is safe on the eyes, paws, and skin as well.


a. Toilet Tissue: Regina Blitz tissues are the best in the market. However, they come in different forms. These include:

  i)  seriously soft– It is the sustainable toilet tissue that has been optimized for maximum softness. It provides three soft layers made with a superior emboss technology.

     ii) Regina Seriously Strong Toilet Tissue – As the name suggests, these tissues are seriously strong. Moreover, sustainable toilet tissue. Furthermore, it has triple play sheets to allow for maximum strength and resistance. In addition, each roll has been lightly embossed, providing strength and thickness.

    iii) Regina Chamomile-Chamomile toilet tissue has quilted sheets. Moreover, it is enriched with a chamomile scented balm. Furthermore, it is gentle and soft with a hint of freshness

iv) soft and gentle- This is a superb houseware product. Moreover, it is very soft and gentle. It is carefully quilted for a gentle feel soft to the touch and is embossed with a wavy design.

b. Pocket Tissue

Regina pocket tissues are super soft and super gentle. Moreover, they have excellent packaging. They are also compact and are therefore very easy to carry as it can fit into your small bag.

i) Loony tunes pocket tissues- beautifully packed in a colourful plastic wrapper with images from Looney tunes characters.

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