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Do you want to transform your regular bathroom into a beauty spa? We gat you. Whether you take your shower early in the morning before heading off to work, or you take it prior to a long night’s sleep, stay clean and refreshed by using the best shower gels. Here, we bring you the cheapest deals on shower gels as shared by our team of bargain hunters. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can get a discount on your online purchase?

What to consider when buying shower gel

Using shower gel leaves a gentle scent on your skin, as well as leaving you feeling fresh and clean. What greater delight can you have than to get clean in such a fun and easy way?

  1. choose a shower gel that is free of perfumes; something natural or organic. Moreover, some shower gels contain exfoliants that help to scrub away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
  2. The gel should be pH balanced. Furthermore, avoid sulfates especially if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Showers are about sensorial experiences, therefore, factor the fragrance in. It must give you a pleasant and lingering fragrance after a bath. Furthermore, it’s best to choose the ones which have natural fragrances.
  4. Consider your skin type-There are different types of shower gels, each with different qualities, scents, benefits, and drawbacks. Some might even be better for certain types of skin than others. This section will show you how to choose the right shower gel for you.

5. Get one that exfoliating qualities. Some shower gels include exfoliants that help scrub away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. An exfoliating shower gel may include different types of organic abrasives, such as crushed walnut shells, fruit seeds, ground almonds, oatmeal, sea salt, and sugar. It may also include inorganic abrasives, such as microbeads.

6. Consider buying a multi-use shower gel. Sometimes, shower gels are formulated for multiple uses, such as cleaning your body and washing your hair. If you are looking to save some money and cut a few corners, look for shower gels that say 2-in-1 or 3-in-1. These ones usually have a list of what else they can be used for, such as soap, shampoo, and bubble bath

Popular shower gel brands in the UK

  1. Carex– Make bath or shower time fun with Carex Shower Gels.  Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, these gels are dermatologically tested and a great way to get yourself feeling clean and fresh.
  2. Radox-They are pH neutral, dermatologically tested shower gel, and suitable for all skin types
  3. Nivea– It leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized with long-lasting freshness. Moreover, it contains care oil pearls for soft and supple skin.
  4. Dove-It is suitable for daily use. In addition, its mild, gentle formula is kind to your skin.
  5. Lynx-it busts odor and keeps you smelling great with spicy vanilla & geranium. Leaving you to decide how to play your 12 hours of freshness.

What is the difference between shower gel and body wash

The shower gel has a firm, gel-like consistency. It also can sometimes be used on both the body and hair, depending on the formula. On the flip side, body wash has a thinner formula that emulates a liquid soap and may have a creamy consistency, which works to provide your skin with more moisturizing and hydrating benefits.

Moreover, The shower gel is generally better for those with acne-prone or oily skin or in warm, humid climates.

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