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COMFORT fabric conditioner deals

COMFORT fabric conditioners

COMFORT fabric conditioner deals

Brief History

Comfort is a brand name for fabric softener sold by Unilever in the UK and around the world. In fact, Comfort was the first fabric softener to be launched in the UK in 1969.  It continues to be the market leader, with Comfort Pure being the best selling fabric conditioner in the UK.

Comfort not only provides exceptional softness and fantastic fragrances, but Comfort products also leave clothes feeling soft in every wash. Furthermore, the products are very gentle on your skin.  They also keep clothes looking newer for longer. Furthermore, Comfort products speed up drying times as well as help make ironing easier.

In 1984  the first concentrated Comfort fabric softener was launched. ( It was three times more concentrated than regular fabric conditioner).

In 1993  the first fully biodegradable formulation was launched. Further, in 1998, Comfort replaced cartons with more environmentally-friendly and lightweight crushable bottles. Moreover, they introduced their first hypoallergenic fabric conditioner and launched tumble dryer sheets.

Comfort Products

  1. Fabric Conditioner

Unlike what some people believe,  fabric conditioner is not a boring afterthought at laundry time.  I can guarantee that it will make your clothes pop, breathe, and shout about your style.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 22, 2017 : Comfort fabric conditioner on the shelves at local market. Comfort is a brand under Unilever, a Dutch-British consumer goods company.a. Benefits

Fabric conditioner not only adds fragrance and softness to your clothes, but it also gives your clothes life. Moreover, it helps reduce clothes wear and tear (your clothes will last longer), retains clothes shape, and protects against colour fading. In addition,  it helps your clothes dry faster. Moreover makes them easy to iron, and gives them a fresh scent as well.

Fabric conditioner flavours.

The comfort fabric condition gives you a variety of flavours to choose from. You have the honour of choosing the flavour that best suits your preference.

This include:

i) Aromatherapy- One small cap is all you need for softness and long-lasting freshness

ii) Ultra-concentrated–  designed to release intense freshness, in a smaller bottle, which is easier to store and creates less waste for the environment

iii) Honeysuckle and sandalwood– gives you 100% more fragrance in every drop compared to Comfort Pure

iv) Comfort “Pure” 5L – packed in plastic tubes. Suitable for persons with sensitive skin

2. Fragrance boosters

i) Deluxe Aqua Bloom Fabric Conditioner– Specially crafted in partnership with world-renowned perfumers. Moreover, it is inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance.

exquisite blend of watermelon, Jasmine and sandalwood.

blend of watermelon, Jasmine, and sandalwood.

blend of bergamot, jasmine, and tonka bean.

Mixed Fresh And Tropical Fragrance Wash Pack

ii) Surf and Comfort Fragrance EssentialSurf And Comfort, Wash, Conditioner and Perfume Pearls Laundry Kit, Mixed Fresh And Tropical Fragrance Wash 

iii)Cherry blossom and sweet pea– contains fantastic fragrances made to delight your senses

iv) waterlily and limeBlended by perfume experts contains fantastic fragrances made to delight your senses.

v) Comfort Creations Strawberry  & lily Fabric Conditioner – with a sweet strawberry and lily fragrance

vi) Fuchsia passion fragrance– Gives clothes a fruity fragrance that stays all day long

3. Products for  babies and Sensitive skin

Are you familiar with the saying “Soft as a baby’s bottom”? It is a fact that babies’ skin is delightfully squishy, soft, gentle, and delicate in the first few years.

The unfortunate bit, however, is that babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Therefore we parent tens to make mistakes here and there as we learn our babies.

However, I am let me save my fellow parents from one error. The error of picking the right detergent and fabric conditioner. Comfort fabric conditioners are very baby-friendly. Furthermore, they are specially designed with your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin in mind.

The products are dermatologically tested. They are therefore safe to use for all the family garments, including baby clothes. Moreover, they are developed using skincare research recognized by the British Skin Foundation.

i)  Pure hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested specifically designed for sensitive skin

4. Comfort ironing water

Comfort Intense Vaporesse Fresh Sky Ironing WaterComfort Vaporesse ironing water will make your ironing a fun and fast experience. In addition, it makes it easier to glide your iron over stubborn wrinkles and creases. Moreover, it is to use; just pour directly into the water reservoir of your steam iron.

Furthermore, ironing water is scented. It gives your ironing load an all-round luxury result, complementing the scent of your washing detergent and fabric conditioner.

Furthermore, it has limescale protection. Moreover, it helps prevent damage to your iron and protects your clothes as well. Furthermore, there is little or no chance of leaving any marks on your clothes once while ironing.

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