Twinings Dark Chai

Twinings Dark Chai
Twinings Dark Chai

Twinings Unique Dark Chai, 40 Tea Bags

  • The name “chai” is actually the Hindi word for “tea”
  • Great as a Morning Wake-Up Drink
  • Contains caffeine from the black tea leaves, making it a good choice for your breakfast drink to give you a little energy boost
  • Good for digestion and reduces nausea
  • Numbered after the 29 states that make up the country that gave creation to this amazing style of tea, India
  • Chai is a way of life in India – connecting over a billion people in a colourful culture. Unique recipes are passed from generation to generation in families to the ubiquitous Chaiwalas across India
  • Alternative milk pairing: Coconut milk
  • Only 2kcal per 200ml Serving, Without milk

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