Cheap Unisex Triangle Balaclavas

£2.37 £12.46
Cheap Unisex Triangle Balaclavas
Cheap Unisex Triangle Balaclavas
£2.37 £12.46

This cheap Unisex Triangle Balaclavas with Ear Loops. It is stylish and washable. Moreover, it is a  reusable face scarf  for men and women. It also acts as neck gaiters, dust cover. In addition, it is a  windproof and sun Protector attire for Outdoor Sport

Very fashionable

The cheap  unisex triangle balaclavas has  multi patterns which makes the bandanna is very creative. In addition, it can satisfy a variety of fashion designs. In fact, it is very cool and eye-catching.

When in crowded places,wear the balaclava  not only to guarantee your safety but also makes you look most fashionable.


This unisex balaclava acts as a moisture wicking fabric; it transfers heat and humidity away from your body and outside ultimately making you feel cool. In fact, this neck gaiter keeps you cool in the sun and warm in cold weather.

In addition,  it can help protect you from harmful sun and guards you against wind and against dust.

How to rock it

There’s a wide variety of ways to configure the versatile design of this cool bandanna. Wear it as a neck warmer, as a headband, a hair-band, a balaclava.

In addition, you can wear it as a face scarf,  an ear warmer, a head cover, pirate hat,a neckerchief, a beanie cap, a hood or even a  wristband.

Suitable for all kinds of occasions

The balaclava is suitable for music festivals, Concerts, Biking, Raves, Paintball, Hiking, Yoga, Exercising, Yard Work, Riding. 

Furthermore, you can use it when Fishing, Cycling, Motocross, ATV Bike, Running, Hunting, Hiking, Climbing, Camping, Paint balling.

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