Waterproof Submersible LED Lights

£5.84 £12.99
Waterproof Submersible LED Lights
Waterproof Submersible LED Lights
£5.84 £12.99

Waterproof Submersible LED Lights


 These waterproof subnerible LED lights are idealife Hot Tub Lights, Pool Lights, Underwater Pond Lights, Bath Spa Lights.  In addition, the submersible LED Lights  are RF Remote Controlled. They also come with Magnet Suction Cups for garden fountain and fish tank decor.

Furthermore, the LED lights will bring you fantastic lighting effects for your Christmas lights, party lights , home decor etc . 


The LED lights are designed with 2 sealing rings (outer O ring and inter gasket). this gives them sufficient endurance of up to 20 meters in water. They are much better than those waterproof led lights with one seal ring in the market.


This remote controlled signal is 3 times stronger than infared. It can get through walls with  80-100ft control range in the air.

In addition, It is recommend for use underwater. However, in a hot tub it should be less than 2ft deep to ensure controlled sensitivity. This is because of signal absorption in the water. C

Moreover, you can control swimming pool lights underwater, hot tub lights for lazy spa, outdoor fish pond lights and even fountain lights even with the remote in your pocket.


 The WRGB chip has 7 pure colorful static lights and 5 dynamic modes, Moreover, it has  10 levels brightness adjustment and 30 minutes , 1 hour 2 hours and 3 hours time setting.

 The lights have a pure white (not RGB synthetic white) which will never change because of low battery. Built with 10 brightest LED beads which are much brighter than other LED lights even with 13 LED. Furthermore it saves more energy for longer working time.


The pond lights underwater are powered by 3 AA batteries, not AAA batteries and its running time is 3 times longer. For everyday use, you could even use rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries.


This colorful submersible lights are designed with mounting holes, magnet and suction cup. On the other hand, the lights can be attached to various surfaces flexibly such as; hot tub lights waterproof, bath lights, fish tank lights, led pool lights, lazy spa lights, underwater lights for pond.


 The lights come with a  1 year return policy and 24 hours online service.

kindly note: The led submersible lights may get stuck on red or some colors do not work because of low energy of batteries. If this happens,  please replace or charge the batteries, they will work well again. 
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